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Maintenance and Repair of Dental Drills and Compressors

Almost all the work of a dentist takes place inside a dental clinic. Every dental procedure between the dentist and his or her patient are always done in a dental clinical setting.

No dentist could ever perform his or her job as such without the help or aid of any dental instrument and equipment. For indeed these things are the dentists constant companions and help to make any dental job easier, faster and more efficient.

Could you imagine any dental clinic without any dental instrument? Of course it would be unthinkable.There are so many dental instruments such as dental mirrors, probes, retractors, dental laser, and dental torque wrench, dental drills, dental compressors, operative burs, excavators, among other things that makes the job of a dentist a lot easier.

The importance of dental compressor and dental drill as part of your entire dental instrument cannot be underestimated. So you need to have regular and constant dental compressor maintenance as well asdental drill maintenance of course.

Regular and constant maintenance must be religiously observed so that your dental instrument would function smoothly and efficiently. However, no matter how you observe proper maintenance there comes a time that you need dental drill repair due to ordinary wear and tear or for hosts of other reason.

In such a case you’ll need the immediate services of a dental drill repair technician for without any dental drill you cannot performed your job as a dentist to the fullest. Of course not just anyone could to the repair of your dental drill instrument.

You need to look for someone who has the necessary skills and long experienced in such type of repairs. Just ask around as part of your background check concerning the solid reputation and high craftsmanship of any technician for that matter.

Of course you cannot take second chances with regards to your dental instrument so look for someone to whom you could place trust and confidence for the repair of your dental instrument.


Finding the Right Technician for Repair and Maintenance of Dental Equipment and Instrument

The dental profession and all the dentists exist to render service to the public in general and the patients in particular. It is a noble profession which always plays a vital part in our society in order to keep and maintain shiny, healthy and strong teeth for all of us.

It is hard to think and imagine a society without any dentist, for life would indeed be miserable say for example if you’re suffering from tooth ache and there’s no dentist around to help you alleviate your pain.

All the dental equipment you see in a dental clinic is an indispensable part of the dental profession. Thus, regular and constant dental equipment maintenanceis necessary. However,it happens that no matter how religious you are in your maintenance, once in a whiledental equipment repairbecomes expedient.

In such a case, any dental instrument repair would always require the services of a dental equipment repair technician.

One of the first things to look in your selection of dental equipment repair technician is your trust and confidence to such technician. Of course needless to say you cannot entrust the repair of your dental equipment and instrument to just anybody.

Whether you realize it or not, any dental equipment and instrument for that matter always affects the life of your patients. Does such technician possess the necessary skills and experience to do the job repair correctly? Ask around for the opinion of the technician’s previous and current clients.

In other words you need to select among the best technician available. You cannot take for granted or take any chances when it comes to dental equipment and instrument repair.

For indeed a well-repaired dental instrument would mean superb and effective dental services to your patient above anything else.


Finding the Best Adec 511 Dental Chair Parts

The importance of dentistry as a branch of medicine which concerns itself in the study, diagnosis, prevention, as well as the treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of human beings oral cavity and of its adjacent and related structures and tissues cannot be underestimated.

This noble dental profession cannot perform its mission to the public in general and to its patients in particular without the help of any dental furniture such as adec dental chair which comes with many models like the adec 511 dental chair.

Without any dental chair, no dentists could ever perform its duty to any of its patient. Indeed, a dental chair may be said to be the center of any dental activities in any dental clinic for that matter.

The following components consists the adec dental chair parts: double-articulating headrest, back upholstery, multi-position armrest, seat upholstery, toe board, footswitch, chair stop plate, power on/off button and floor box.

All the dental chair parts must always be taken care of and have proper maintenance so that the same would be clean, functioning smoothly and last longer. Of course despite proper maintenance the different parts of dental chairare always subject to the ordinary wear and tear due to constant use.

In such a case you need the necessary repairs and needless to say one must look for the best adec 511 dental chair parts. Actually if you’re looking for any dental chair parts there are many places and options to look for as sources.

With the computerization of almost everything nowadays you could search the internet where you could find for all the parts of the dental chairs you’re looking for according to your needs and specification. Just look for the items and its description or specification then you could easily find what you are looking for.

Finding the best adec 511 dental chair parts is an easy thing to do.


Commonly Used Dental Lab Equipments and Hygiene Instruments

The dental clinic would always be the center of activity in the dental profession and in the day to day work of any dentist. It is the dentist working space and at the same time the place where the dentists and his or her patients meet.
Dental hygiene instruments as well as dental lab equipment are the indispensable part and components of any dental clinic and laboratory. There are numerous dental lab equipment such as dental lab hand pieces and turbine.
Among the dental hygiene instruments are dental mirrors, dental explorer, periodontal probe, dental drill, dental laser, and spoon excavator to mention just a few.
One must always select the necessary dental hygiene instruments and dental lab equipment which cater to the specific needs of your dental laboratory and dental clinic. You much see to it that you are complete with all the modern dental equipment as part of your efficient service to your patients.
Needless to say you also need to be updated with all the modern and state of the art dental technology for a more effective work. Having a complete set of dental gadgets and devices would indeed be a great advantage in the long run and it would further impress your patients.
Furthermore, having a modern and state of the art equipment and technology would simply mean that you’re ready for dental business and that you’re truly care and dedicated for the welfare and benefit of your patient.
A dental clinic and laboratory complete with all the modern equipment would give you the required self-trust and confidence and would mean also that you are ready and capable to perform any type or kind of dental procedures to your patient. Your dental equipment for sure would not escape the notice of your patients.
So for your efficient and effective dental practice, modern dental lab equipment and hygiene instruments would be an indispensable requirement.

Belmont Dental Chair: FAQs for Maintenance and Repair

The modern practice of dentistry requires the use of dental furniture, tools and equipment so that the services of any dentists for that matter to his or her patient would be in accordance with high dental professional standard.

Just by having dental furniture in your dental clinic like belmont dental chair enhances your dental services. The dental chair in your dental clinic is the center of activity between you as dentist and your entire patient. Indeed, without a dental chair no dentist for that matter could perform any dental procedure.

The belmont dental chair just like any other human invention and devises is also subject to ordinary wear and tear. In such an event a belmont chair repair would be needed. Any unnecessary dental chair repair couldstill be avoided with the observance of the basic rules for its proper maintenance.

The first thing you need to do is to get yourself acquainted with the belmont dental chair owner or operator manual with regards to the proper installation, use and maintenance of your dental chair.

You also need to know about its warranty information. This would give you the necessary idea as to the coverage period of your warranty from the date you purchase the same as well as all of its authorized repair shop in the event of any needed repair during the warranty period.
Any repair done during the warranty period entails no costs for that matter.

There is no substitute for the daily maintenance of your dental chair to make it clean, look fresh and free from dirt and dust. You also need to constantly check it if your dental chair parts are moving and functioning efficiently and smoothly.

A basic observance of proper maintenance of your dental chair would go a long way for its maximum efficiency.

Guide to Buying Dental Chair Equipment

The dental profession and the dentists occupy a very important position in our society in its role towards having shiny, healthy and strong teeth. One way of doing this is through regular and constant check-ups in a good dental clinic.
Most of the professional works of a dentist revolves around the dental clinic. Part of this clinical work of a dentist is the used ofdental chair equipment. No dentist could ever perform his or her job as such withoutthe aid of any dental chair equipment.
Some of the dental chair equipment among other things is dental mirrors, probes, retractors, dental laser, and dental torque wrench, dental drills, operative burs, and excavators. This entire instrument is an indispensable part of any modern dental clinic.
It does not come for free for you need to buy dental equipment. You may ask what are the criteria or factors to consider whenever you’re looking for any dental chair equipment.
Among the first thing to consider is the functionality of any dental equipment. It must cater to the peculiar needs of your dental clinic in general and your patients in particular.
Another thing to consider is the durability of the dental equipment. Your dental equipment would always be a part of your dental profession for as long as you’re continuing to practice dentistry. So it must always be tough and durable to be long lasting.
You also need to consider the brand of any given dental instrument. The brand of any dental instrument implies the manufacturer or maker reputation especially in the craftsmanship of any dental instrument. Ask around from those who are in the know the value and performance of any dental instrument in its actual practice or performance.
The price of any dental instrument must also be compared with the same type dental instrument of different brand so that you can select one which is less costly yet durable and of high quality.
Taking into account these criteria in your selection of dental equipment would mean a lot in the long run.

DCI Dental Equipment

The dental profession as part of medicine is a noble profession offering its service to the public and answering to the most vital needs of human beings: to have and to maintain a shiny, healthy and strong teeth for everyone.

A dentist for that matter cannot perform well with his or his mission and task without the aid of any dental equipment or dental instrument. Indeed it would be unthinkable for any dentist to do his job without the aid or help of these vital dental instruments.

No dental clinic and dental laboratory ever exist without any dental equipment. For it could be truly said that aside from the skills and knowledge of a dentist, his or her dental equipment is the heart and soul of the dental practice. There are so many dental equipment like DCI Dental Equipment which is available for you to select from. Your dental equipment of course would not be complete without the necessary dental operatory equipment indispensable in the conduct of any dental procedures.

The role of other dental delivery system such as dental chairs, dental stools and dental lights makes one’s clinic efficient and running smoothly.
One of the things you need to look for in any dental equipment such as DCI Dental Equipment is its functionality for the same must always be suited for all your clinical needs. Look for the leading manufacturer or the leading brand in the field.

Any leading manufacturer or brand in dental equipment implies high quality of craftsmanship. Durability in any dental equipment is another characteristic that you should always look for in any dental equipment. Such dental instrument must last as long as you’re engaged in your dental practice.

Be a wise dentist and select the right dental equipment for your dental clinic and for your patient needs as well.

Dental Fix RX Launches Eight All-New Franchise Locations

National mobile dental repair company, Dental Fix RX, announces eight all-new mobile repair franchises in just two months


Davie, Fla. – Jan. 19, 2015 – Dental Fix RX, a mobile dental equipment repair company, is proud to announce the launch of eight all-new mobile repair franchises nationwide. Since December, 2014, Dental Fix has been working toward having each new franchise owner trained and launched in their respective Washington, Virginia, Texas, Ohio, and Arizona territories by the end of January, 2015.

“2014 ended with a bang for Dental Fix and given the already rapid growth in the very few days of 2015, we’re looking forward to moving even closer to our goal of operating 500 locations within the next five years,” said Scott Mortier, vice president of business development for Dental Fix. “In the past 12 months, Dental Fix sold a record breaking 75 franchises with each new owner receiving all the training and marketing support they need to make their business a success.”

Of the eight all-new franchises, four are to be located in Ohio including Peter Ritchey’s Cleveland East, William Mullen’s Ohio North/Central, Peter Strifler’s Cleveland West, and Scott Ehle’s Toledo operation. Zuhair Ibrahim will operate in Fairfax, Virginia as the third Dental Fix in the state while Scott Welch continues his Carrolton/Frisco, Texas operation launched January 5, 2015. Further west is Ron Crigger’s Spokane territory – the second Dental Fix in Washington State – and Carol Boyle’s Gilbert/Mesa Arizona operation.


“Each Dental Fix RX franchise features a mobile repair van that is pre-equipped for all dental service eventualities and are provided to franchise owners for immediate service and repairs,” said Mortier. “These vans are an integral aspect of Dental Fix’s business model and benefit our franchise owners by not only allowing them to quickly repair and service instruments such as handpieces and vacuum pumps on-site, but by creating an office space with virtually zero overhead.”


To find out more about a Dental Fix franchise, visit //


About Dental Fix 
Established in 2009, Dental Fix combines centralized technological and account management services with a unique national network of locally owned and operated industry professionals. Each professional is equipped with “state of the art” mobile service centers. They deliver on-site personalized service for all of your practice’s repair and new equipment needs. For more information, call 800-586-0340 or visit

Ron Crigger – Spokane launched his territory on December 1st and is the second franchisee
to enter the Washington market.
“Congratulations Ron”

Zuhair Ibrahim – Fairfax launched his territory on January 5th.  He is the 3rd franchisee in the Virginia market.
“Congratulations Zuhair”

Scott Welch – Carrolton / Frisco – launched his territory on January 5th. He is rounding out a great team in the rapidly growing market of Dallas/Ft Worth.
“Congratulations Scott”

Peter Ritchey – Cleveland East launched his territory in Ohio, on January 12th, and is a part of the rapid expansion in Ohio.  “Congratulations Peter”

William Mullen – Ohio North / Central launched his territory in Ohio, on January 12th and is another part of the Dental Fix force that is storming Ohio.
“Congratulations William”

Peter Strifler – Cleveland West launched his territory in Ohio, on January 19th. Peter is part of the rapid growth for the Dental Fix brand in Ohio
“Congratulations Peter”

Carol Boyle – Gilbert / Mesa AZ launches her territory on January 19th. This is our third territory in the state of Arizona!
“Congratulations Carol”

Scott Ehle – Toledo Ohio is launching his territory on January 26th.  Ohio will have a strong team of franchisees
“Congratulations Scott”

Dental Fix RX Announces Record-breaking Franchise Sales

National mobile dental repair company, Dental Fix RX, exceeds estimates with 75 franchises sold in 2014

Davie, Fla. – Jan. 5, 2015 – Dental Fix RX, a mobile dental equipment repair company, is proud to announce company record of 75 franchises sold in a single year. Throughout 2014, Dental Fix’s unique business model and extensive franchisee support allowed the company to move closer to its overall goal of dominating the North American dental service industry.


Established in 2009, Dental Fix is currently the only on-site dental equipment repair franchise in North America. Franchisees operate cutting-edge mobile repair centers to offer customized service and high-quality repairs with minimal turnaround time. The service centers also provide the largest mobile inventory in the industry.

“These year-end results illustrate just how committed Dental Fix is to growth and reliable partnerships with dentists nationwide,” said Scott Mortier, vice president of business development for Dental Fix. “Our goal is to expand the Dental Fix brand by operating 300 locations within the next five years, and our progress shows that we’re on the right track.”

Dental Fix currently operates over 160 locations in three countries, and services over 8,000 dentists through its mobile franchises. The company’s success comes after a year of major expansions, including a strategic plan to enter Mexico and continued growth in untapped North American markets. In 2014 alone, Dental Fix doubled its customer base, while continuing to offer added value through customized dental practice solutions.

“We plan to aim even higher in 2015 to continue offering entrepreneurs the ability to own and operate their own business, and work towards financial freedom,” Mortier said. “With employment among dentists expected to grow by almost 10 percent through 2016, the opportunities for success in the industry are prevalent.”

About Dental Fix 
Dental Fix combines centralized technological and account management services with a unique national network of locally owned and operated industry professionals. Each professional is equipped with “state of the art” mobile service centers. They deliver on-site personalized service for all of your practice’s repair and new equipment needs. For more information, call 800-586-0340 or visit