Dental Whale Chief Revenue Officer Scott Mortier Shares with DentalCast how Dental Fix Rx is Meeting the Industry’s Biggest Demands

By | June 27, 2019

SUNRISE, Fla. (June 27, 2019) – Scott Mortier, Chief Revenue Officer of Dental Whale, recently joined John Stamper on his podcast, DentalCast Productions, to discuss the many services Dental Whale offers independent dentists. In the most recent episode, Mortier shared how Dental Fix Rx, a fast-growing national mobile dental equipment repair franchise and Dental Whale’s first subsidiary business, is saving dentists time and money without losing productivity through its most recent offerings.

Mortier described how Dental Fix Rx is meeting overwhelming demand for better service options in the dental industry with the brand’s Unlimited Service Plan. With the USP, dental practices receive regular preventive maintenance checks and repairs for one low monthly flat rate. Regardless of the dental equipment, a Dental Fix Rx technician will be there when dentists need them – and even before they are needed. Dental practices enrolled in the USP receive the same first-rate service every time because the same Dental Fix Rx technician performs all checks and repairs. In other words, dentists receive unlimited service every month for a flat rate.

“So, for example, if the tech is there for eight hours one month because you have a problem with your compressor, you are not paying that tech for eight hours at an hourly rate,” Mortier explained. “Not only as a doctor, but as a business owner, to predict your costs every month with labor as it pertains to servicing and repairing your equipment, and that peace of mind that comes with it means everything.”

Mortier also talked about the recently-created equipment sales division at Dental Fix Rx that provides dentists with convenience, cost savings and peace of mind. When dentists need new equipment, they simply tell their Dental Fix Rx technician, who will deliver it sooner than other dental equipment vendors because Dental Fix Rx is a local company in their community. The same Dental Fix Rx technician who delivers the equipment also installs it, trains the dental staff, and maintains it over the upcoming years. Productivity remains consistent during the seamless transition from the old equipment to the updated technology. And, because Dental Fix Rx enjoys robust purchasing power, the savings are passed on to dentists. Mortier said ease of purchasing and speed of delivery was another gap in the dental industry that hadn’t been filled.

“The creation of the Dental Fix Rx equipment sales division was based on demand,” Mortier said. “Once you build that level of trust with the dentist and they know they can count on you, they want to find out what else you can give them. We’ve now formed our own division within Dental Whale under the Dental Fix Rx brand to service that needs and begin expanding our equipment offering all over the United States.”

Private dentists join Dental Whale when they want to begin developing innovative start-up practices or grow their business by acquiring and operating multiple practices. They also join to increase their bottom line by running their practices with greater efficiencies through proven methods. Dentists utilize Dental Whale’s expert consulting and customizable outsourcing options, which help take professionals out of the chair and into management and ownership.

Check out the full interview with Scott Mortier here.

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